For over four decades El Centro del Cardenal has worked for the economic and social empowerment of Latinos in Boston. Founded as the Cardenal Cushing Center for the Spanish Speaking by the late Richard Cardenal Cushing of the Archdiocese of Boston along with the efforts of small group of volunteers in 1957, El Centro del Cardenal has developed into one of the most trusted grassroots Latino multi-service agencies in the city of Boston.

In January 1989, the agency became an affiliate of the Catholic Charitable Bureau of the Archdiocese of Boston, whose over 150 programs offered through regional and community-based offices serve poor and working class families throughout Eastern Massachusetts. All staff members of Catholic Charities, including those at El Centro del Cardenal, work together to meet the agency’s mission ofbuilding a just and compassionate society rooted in the dignity of all people.

El Centro del Cardenal’s staff, which serves nearly 3,000 clients annually, is organized into three departments - Youth Education, Adult Education and Human Services. El Centro del Cardenal’s services are based on the belief that true empowerment is achieved through education, our vision is to support every student as they build needed skills.

As a trusted and respected community institution, El Centro del Cardenal has consistently been involved in coalitions, collaborative and partnerships with diverse groups and institutions in the public and private sectors. The United Way, corporate and foundation grants, individual contributions, and city, state and federal contracts support El Centro del Cardenal.